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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prayer for dealing with hurts

Continued from Part III, Seven Promises of Forgiveness

Steps in Prayer to find relief and release from the pain of having been hurt by someone -

Some like to have a Prayer Partner to walk through this with.  Others prefer it to be just between them and God.  Either way, Go before God in prayer and…

  1. · Identify the hurt you feel.
  2. · Admit you are angry.
  3. · Admit you want to hurt back.
  4. · Acknowledge that hurting back is futile, damaging and increases evil.
  5. · Release the need and choose not to hurt back.
  6. · Absorb the hurt for Jesus' sake.
  7. · Turn your self and hurt over to God.
  8. · Turn your "enemy" over to God, trusting Him for justice.
  9. · Meditate on the justice and mercy of God
  10. · Feel your enemy's need for mercy in the face of God's justice.
  11. · Pray for your enemy from a heart of compassion.
  12. · Look beyond their faults and see their needs.
  13. · Respond to their needs rather than punish them for their faults.
  14. · Thank God for lifting the burden of justice from you and fore making you a minister of mercy, reconciliation and healing.
  15. · Worship God who is glorious in satisfying both justice and love.


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