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Monday, July 27, 2009

Health Crisis? Liberals Push More Nurses to Quit

Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo, a nurse from Brooklyn, was forced to assist in an abortion last May. Her supervisors told her that it was a medical emergency, and that if she didn't participate, she could lose her job. Turns out that there was no medical emergency. For Cenzon-DeCarlo, this was tantamount to murdering a baby, and she's struggled with it emotionally and spiritually ever since.

And can you believe this? Liberal commentators are saying she shouldn't have taken the job if she didn't want to do the work.

Let me get this straight. Obama is all over the place complaining about a so-called health crisis, while at the same time, lefties commenting on the above article are saying things like, "if preforming termination of pregnacy is not you line of work then leave the job," and "Don't we file this one under "It comes with the job, toots?"

So...those of you that believe Cenzon-DeCarlo should have gotten another job: Do you honestly think that this nurse is the only one that doesn't want to participate in abortions? Do you think there aren't any doctors that feel the same way? Do you realize that a large number in the medical profession are Christians? If you are willing to mandate they participate, do you know how many people will walk off the job? Doesn't matter if you don't think it's murder. The people that will walk away from the medical profession do.

I am a former RN. I left the field 16 years ago after I got tired of the way nurses were treated. For one example, I was told I couldn't tell any of my staff if there was an AIDS patient on the floor due to "patient confidentiality." My LPN's and Nsg. Assts were allowed to know any other diagnosis. Patient confidentiality didn't matter with any other disease. Aids was the only illness they weren't allowed to know. This was on a unit where an AID's patient was wiping his feces all over his bedroom walls. People that aren't responsible for cleaning up that type of thing can say what they want. I stuck up for my staff.

That's just one of many examples. I'm not the only nurse to walk away over such issues. Others have obviously stayed in the field. But mandating participation in abortions - that's a major line to cross over.

If you want Canadian style Health Care, where the staff to patient ratio is a fraction of what it is in the states, keep up your rhetoric. Pay your medical professionals less, and tell them they don't have any rights. Keep it up and see what happens. Then be happy with yourself when someone you love has to wait for days or weeks to get the medical care they need.

Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo is right to be upset and file suit. She wasn't abandoning a patient. MT Sinai had plenty of time to find a replacement. Mt Sinai abandoned its staff. I hope she gets everything she is asking for. Hospitals should not be allowed to do that to people. We still have freedom of Religion in this country. At least for now…

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Truly Faith Based Family Bible Camp: Hungry Horse, Montana

For over thirty years, Mjorud Family Bible Camp operated without charge to the hundreds of diverse families that attended. There, families received housing, three full meals a day, as well as amazing speakers, prayer, music, sports, hiking, fellowship and rest at no cost. Nightly, the ministry made a request for free will offerings. There was never any pressure to donate, and no questions were asked or record kept if one didn't.

Amazingly, without fail, enough funds were brought in each year to meet the budget. In fact, more than enough was consistently donated. Did they save the excess for the next year? No. Genuinely a faith-based non-profit, the excess was annually donated to a mission in Sri Lanka.

Twenty years ago I told Pastor Mjorud that if not for this camp, my family wouldn't be able to afford going to any family Bible camp. He responded, "That's why we do it."

Pastor Mjorud retired the Family Camp eleven years ago, and two years later, he passed away. But last year, on the tenth anniversary of the retirement, families having missed the blessing of such a truly faith-based ministry, gathered again at Glacier Bible Camp in Hungry Horse Montana. The families, blessed by the renewed experience, asked the organizers if this could again become an annual event.

So the Mjorud Family Bible Camp is scheduled again this summer, August 16-20 in Hungry Horse, Montana. The Family Camp rents the A of G Bible campground for the week, where there are cabins, lodge's, camping spaces, a cafeteria, and large sanctuary available, as well as playground, miniature golf, and close proximity to Glacier National Park.

So in the words of the organizers, "Come and renew acquaintances with old friends - and/or make new ones. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors. Expect great things from our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ as we gather to honor, worship, and learn from Him."

Mjorud camp is Christian, evangelical, and non-denominational, and praying fervently for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit this year. Visit www.caicw.org/Family_Bible_Camp.html to register.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rick Warren Speaks at Muslim Conference???

On July 5, 2009, the AP reported that "Evangelical megachurch pastor Rick Warren," founder of Saddleback Community Church in Orange County, California, spoke at an Islamic convention in Washington DC and stated, "America's largest Islamic organization showed courage when it invited him to speak at its annual convention."

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), of whom Warren was speaking, is a group that has been named co-conspirator by the Justice Department in the largest terrorism financing trial in U.S history. The trial involves a Hamas charity called the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). Its leaders were found guilty on all counts..

ISNA was established in 1981 by alumni from the Muslim Students Association (MSA). The MSA is a group founded by members of Muslim Brotherhood, a violent organization, as well as Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian. The MSA also has a history of promoting radical speakers at annual anti-Semitic forums across the country, including pro-Hamas Abdul Malik Ali. The MSA-UCLA’s newspaper, Al-Talib, also referred to Osama bin Laden in its July 1999 issue as a “freedom fighter,” “philanthropist” and a “great Mujahid.”

According to the AP. "Warren told the crowd that the two largest faiths on the planet — Muslims and Christians — must work together to combat stereotypes, promote peace and freedom and solve global problems." He also said they should partner in working to end "the five global giants" of war, poverty, corruption, disease and illiteracy. "Some problems are so big you have to team tackle them."

Are you for real, Warren? Ask most of them how they would react if their daughter came to them to say that she's fallen in love with a Christian and has given her heart to Jesus. Do you seriously think that there can be a working relationship? How many of the people in the crowd came from countries that persecute Christians? Will part of the plan to cooperatively promote peace and fight poverty include discouraging the sawing of heads off of relief workers?

Okay, Okay, that all sounds like me just spouting off stereotypes. How about this question, then. We all know that wishful thinking won't end war or poverty. Even team tackling isn't going to end these two things. They've been around from the beginning of time. Wishful thinking certainly isn't going to effect the seed of war and poverty; which is greed, essentially.

Any Christian knows that to truly effect war and poverty, we need God's power and love. And the only way to the Father is through... (remember the verse Warren?)...his son, Jesus Christ. Will part of your program to end the "five global giants" include getting together with our new partners and praying? Seems to me to be the logical thing for a Christian to do....