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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mary Had a Little Lamb - The Gift of Life? Was it Her Choice on Earth?

There once was a woman named Mary. Well, I say a woman, but she was actually only a teenage girl. Many assumed she was older because she was engaged to be married when she became pregnant. The truth is she might have been as young as fourteen. So here she is, young, pregnant, and to make matters worse, the baby was not fathered by her husband to be.

In the society she was raised in, the promise of marriage as sacred as the marriage contract, and they took a very, very dim view of adultery, let alone unwed pregnancy.

What was her response when she found out? At first she was confused, but then, calling herself the Lord's servant, accepted the pregnancy as the will of God and said she was willing to do what ever God asked of her. She didn't seem to think of it in terms of "God is asking me to, so I have a choice to say yes or no." She seemed to have thought of it only in terms of "This is what God wants me to do, so I will do it."

What was the response of her husband to be? When he learned of the pregnancy, he first thought it would be best to quietly back out of the engagement and sign papers for what would essentially be a "divorce" from the engagement contract. He thought to do it quietly so that no one else in the community would hear about it and hurt her. But being the good, prayerful man that he was, he didn't make an angry or snap decision. Instead, he took time to be sure. After thinking it over, maybe just one night, maybe a little longer, he felt God telling him - not asking but telling him - to go ahead and take Mary as his wife and raise the child as his own. So he did. He took her home, but didn't lay with her until after her son was born. Then he loved, cared for and protected the little boy as he felt God wanted him to.*

World Net Daily reports that Planned Parenthood is again offering a gift card, which in the past several years they have called a "Choice on Earth" card. The term "Choice on Earth is a play on the passage from Luke 2:14, which refers to "peace on Earth," a statement made by a heavenly angel celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ to Mary. Having thoroughly offended the Christian community, Planned Parenthood is now calling them "Gift of Life" cards. As if this fixes things.

Reportedly the certificates come in $25 increments and can be used for any most anything at their clinics, from birth control to breast exams and pap tests. "Woman's health is Planned Parenthood's promotional feature. They don't sell them as just abortion gifts. But Planned Parenthood does accept these cards for use in abortions."

One person on a forum at online Lone Star Times has referred to the cards as a legal way to put a hit out on someone.

WND columnist Jill Stanek, who also documented the cards on her blog, stated, "Planned Parenthood, this generation's King Herod, you know, the guy who ordered the mass slaughter of babies when Jesus was born." That would be the same King Herod that Mary's husband protected baby Jesus from.

The Lone Star Times forums page included other analogies. One commenter said the card was "A gift for those who only want to kill the very innocent."

Others quipped that the card could read, "Good for one dead baby," or "What a marvelous way for the donor as well as the recipient-user to have blood on their hands, "and "Redeem this at Planned Parenthood. No other redemption possible. Ever." (The last isn't Scriptural but gets the point of seriousness across. Everyone, no matter the sin, can be redeemed if only they humble themselves, grieve their sins, ask forgiveness, and accept that Jesus Christ is their Lord.)

Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International, once slammed the Planned Parenthood gift card campaigns by saying, "In its continual attempt to 'normalize' abortion, Planned Parenthood has once again chosen to offend the Christian community by releasing the latest edition of its 'Choice on Earth' holiday cards. Contrary to the open-minded image the abortion organization aims to present for itself, Planned Parenthood has zero tolerance for anyone – or any religious group – that recognizes abortion as an evil act that kills a pre-born baby."

He also said, "By replacing 'peace' with 'choice,' or more accurately, 'killing the innocent on earth,' Planned Parenthood is essentially saying 'abortion on earth. This blatant mockery of Christian values – and of Christ Himself – truly demonstrates the bigoted, anti-religion, anti-God nature of Planned Parenthood."

* adapted from Matthew Chapter 2 and Luke Chapter 2

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ready, Set...SHOP!

Driving into the Wal-mart parking lot in the still dark hours of the morning, the line of people already winds the full length of the building. Late again, I guess we won't be one of them getting a free squeeze toy at the door.

But we're here to grab the deals, and boy is that exciting. It's kind of like a hunt I guess. There's a rush of adreniline as you make your dash through the door, bee-lining the department with that neat item priced %75 off, hoping to get there before they are all gone.

Yes. Jesus is the reason for the season. Yes, yes, I want to make him most important. No, no, the gifts and all, they mean nothing. Really. We do it for the kids.

I tell you what, though. Through our years as Christians, we've listened to all sides and tried all things. We had friends that used to do theit gift giving on Thanksgiving in order to focus their family totally on Christ for Christmas. Guess what. They're kids are all grown now and like to spend Christmas just like the rest of America does.

We've also had friends that figured trying to spend Christmas in a Christian way was not only impossible, but wrong. Christ was actually born in the spring, when the shepherds were watching their sheep at night (for newborn lambs) and December 25th was only chosen as a date in order to distract the pagans from their traditional holiday, which was on December 25th. So this family figured it was actually wicked to celebrate Christ's birth on that day.

Anyway, we did try making Christmas a day to focus on Christ instead of gifts. And I was miserable. Not for myself, but for the kids. I guess the tradition is just engrained in me. I can't enjoy it anyother way. The next year, we tried to do it again. I held out all the way till Christmas Eve. Then I couldn't stand it. We rushed out and spent hundreds of dollars all in one night. And hey, we didn't get the sales prices I love so dearly.

So yes. I am going to be out there the day after Thanksgiving with the rest of them. Getting my sale prices, and enjoying my holiday. Just as I know that my Lord and God would love me to.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Prayer -

1 Thessalonians 5:16-28

16. Be joyful always; 17. pray continually;
18. give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
19. Do not put out the Spirit's fire;
20. do not treat prophecies with contempt.
21. Test everything. Hold on to the good.
22. Avoid every kind of evil.
23. May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
24. The one who calls you is faithful and he will do it.
25. Brothers, pray for us. 26. Greet all the brothers with a holy kiss.
27. I charge you before the Lord to have this letter read to all the brothers.
28. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas...a time to ignore the mocking and speak the name of Jesus Christ

While it is true, as they say, that there appears to be a media war on Christmas with many businesses and government entities feeling they can't even mention the Holiday by name, Christmas is still the one time of the year when it is acceptable to the name Jesus to most of your non-Christian friends, family and co-workers.

It is still okay to send Christian themed Christmas cards with pictures of the baby Jesus adorning the front and perhaps a Scripture verse inside. That's the simplest way one can express Jesus Christ to one's non-believing loved ones.

But your newsletter is an even better place to express Christ. It doesn't have to be an in-your-face declaration of belief or a long drawn out theology essay. But it could be if that's what you feel drawn to do.

One of the best ways to express Jesus Christ in your Christmas newsletter is to simply tell the wonderful stories of the various events throughout this last year that really spoke to you about God's love. Tell the story. Tell how He's been there for you, how He's taken care of you. How He has taken care of others. How He has directed you to care for others. Tell them the story. I've told the story of the tree that came within inches of hitting one of my sons. The timing on that was a miracle, as he'd just gotten in the door when the tree trunk fell smack across the stoop. That was only one of many great stories we've had to tell. I've been amazed by the responses I get year after year. Now, when I have a crisis, my non-Christian sister has more faith than I do. She says quite sincerely, "oh, it will be resolved in a couple of days. It always is with you."

I always put somewhere on my newsletter every year that Jesus didn't stay in the cradle. He grew up, suffered, died on the cross, and rose again for our sin. (not those exact words, but to that effect.) I don't put much more than that, but I could if I felt it would have an impact. If you feel lead, tell what ever part of the story you wish, or devote your entire newsletter to God's glory and Gospel. After all, it really is the "Good News."

The important thing is to not to miss the opportunity to use the newsletter to speak to your beloved family members - especially the ones you rarely have a chance to sit down and have a one-on-one with. Christmas newsletters go out to everyone on your list. It's time to use them for God Glory.

The other thing that is fun to do at Christmas (and Easter for that matter) is to get Christian themed gifts for your non-believing Grandchildren or the children of your non-believing sibling's.
I was very surprised at a woman's Bible study several years ago when a few of the elderly women were saying that they have no idea what to get their young, non-Christian grandchildren. The answer is so simple. Veggie tales movies are a great gifts. They never say the name of Jesus Christ out-right, which might cause non-Christian parents to toss the gift, but focus on the attributes of Christ through fun, creative Bible story oriented cartoon and song.

There are also fun children's Bible CD's and colorful books. Christian book stores are full of great gift ideas. They have ideas for the teenagers as well, including CD's, books, jewelry, clothing, and nick-nacks. Some of these items could be an open door to further discussion. Few things are more important than a Grandparent taking the time to share Jesus Christ with the grand kids.

Most times of the year it's very difficult to find ways to reach out to non-believing family members. It's sad to miss the opportunity Christmas gives us to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

There was this guy named Nicodemus...

John 3:1-16

See, this Rabbi named Nicodemus came to Jesus at night. He came at night because he was a very important man and didn’t want anyone to see him talking to Jesus. It would have been embarrassing to be seen with Jesus.

You can understand why he would be embarrassed. Christianity is mocked so much today, many are hesitant to “be seen with Jesus.” Would it be an embarrassing thing for you to admit to non-Christians? It was no different back then.

Nicodemus didn’t want anyone to see him talking to Jesus, but at the same time, he admitted that deep down, he knew Jesus must be God or he wouldn’t be able to do those miracles.

But Jesus basically told him - to heck with what you know deep down. You can know something “deep down” all you want, but it means nothing if you can’t admit it with your mouth to others. The only people that will go to heaven are the people that trust God enough to admit it out loud. These people are “born again" - people that have come to the bottom and realized that there is no way up but through Him. You could say that they've broken down , or fully given in, or finally submitted. But they bottom line is that they know that if they are too ashamed or afraid to let others know about it, they probably don't fully believe He is Lord yet. After all, if you believe he is truly Lord, what else matters?

No, the only ones that He will call “his” and bring into the kingdom of heaven are those that have decided He is more important than anything anyone else may think, or anything else they are doing in their lives, and are willing to follow him in entirety. These people start to live with the Spirit and are willing to admit it openly. They are born again, as new people.

But Nicodemus didn’t understand that, and asked, “How can a man be “born again? How can he come out of his mother again?”

Jesus tried to explain to him the difference between being born in flesh, and being born in Spirit.

Then Jesus said, “Don’t be surprised when I tell you that you have to be born again. It’s kind of like being the wind. You don’t know where the wind comes from or where it goes, but it’s real, and you can feel and hear it. That’s the same as having the Spirit born in you.”

But Nicodemus still didn’t understand.

So Jesus got upset with him and said, “Here you are, a teacher of Israel, and you don’t know what I’m talking about!! We tell you everything we know and see, and still you don’t listen. You don’t even believe me when I tell you earthly things. So how are you going to believe if I tell you heavenly things?”
“I am going to rise up to heaven, because I came down from heaven. And just like Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, you have to lift me up. Because unless you believe in me, you will die.”

What happened when Moses lifted up the bronze serpent in the wilderness? Anyone that looked on the serpent became healed of an illness that had spread through the camp and was killing people.

So what Jesus is saying? He's saying that people need to hold Him up just like that serpent, and anyone that looks to him will be “healed” of their sins and not die in hell.

Jesus was emphatic;
God Loved the world so much that he gave (ME) His only begotten son, so that whoever believes in me will not die but live forever. Please understand, God didn’t send me here to condemn the world, but to save it!”

Jesus didn’t come to earth to put everyone down or hate them for the things they’ve done wrong…he’s trying to SAVE everyone.

You have to understand - because of all of our sin, EVERYONE is already condemned. This was a done deal. The point is, God can’t be around sin. He just can’t. So He had no choice but to move away from us.

Further, because we’re human, there’s not one of us that can go through life without sinning. We just can’t. We’re too weak. (I'll get further into the origin of our sin nature in a later blog. It's a story in itself.) Our sin is not only an inherent part of our nature, as evidenced throughout history, it is also huge. There's no way we could settle it and be justified.

God knows that and has mercy on us because of it. Although He hates sin and can’t be around it, He really does love us and doesn’t want us to die.

...But what to do about the sin. God is a just God. As any good judge knows, all crime has to be punished one way or another. That's the law. Other ways to say it are that all crime must be atoned for, or accounted for. Justice must be served. Something had to be done to account for the sin. Someone had to take the punishment for all of our sins, so we could be clean and atoned for.

So God sent someone down that could handle the atonement for us. He sacrificed His son for us so that sin would be paid for; so we can have relationship with Him again.

Jesus accepted that He had to die on the cross for our sins, because He also loved us. It says in Scripture that the night the soldiers took him, He really didn’t want to go. He knew what was going to happen and how much it was going to hurt. After all, at that point, he still had all the flesh.

But he knew there was no other way to save us, and that dying like this was the primary reason he came, so he told God, “Your will, not mine.” And He went.

We, as sinners, are already condemned to die. Every one of us. He came to try to save as many of us as he could. It's a gift of Love.

Okay, but if you give someone a gift, they have to actually receive it for it to have happened, right? They have to pick it up and open it. Or if you give someone a gift in the form of a check, they still have to cash it on order for it to be used. Another way to look at it - if you knock on a locked door, you aren't going to get in unless someone opens it.

And another analogy - what good would it do for you to cover for your friends petty theft if your friend doesn't care and is just going to go out and do it again. In the AA world it's called "enabling." God is interested in justice, not enabling.

All we are asked to do is look at ourselves, recognize the depth of our personal sin, and honestly and with deep humility - repent and ask His forgiveness.

We need to accept the gift of His atonement and ask Him for help to keep us from sinning again. Remember, sin is inherent in us. So we need Him to walk with us every day to help us stay out of trouble. Please Lord; help me to obey you. Please come live in me, and talk to me all the time, and tell me how to do things right. Please Lord, give me the strength to do it. Help me Jesus.”

We must believe who He is, what He did, and why He did it - and honestly say thank you!

If a person can do that and admit it, he will be born again, and he will be saved.

This is important for everyone has to know, because we don’t want to see the people we love go to hell. Think of the people you love, and how it will feel in the end when they die. At least if they have given their hearts to Jesus, you’ll know they are going to heaven. The real pain is when they haven’t, and you don’t know where they went.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Can a Christian Businessman Serve Alcohol?

The caller paused, and then said, "I saw in the paper that your getting a beer and wine license. If you serve beer and wine at your restaurant, we won't go there. And neither will Sue." She went on to say that as a Christian, I can't possibly sell beer. It's against Scripture. I told her to show me the Scripture, and I will follow it. She then said it had to do with causing a brother to stumble. Cause a brother to stumble? Does she not realize at all the torment that I'm now going through concerning this subject? If I make a bad business decision, will the business fail? What will happen to me and my family?

Up to that point, I had been at peace with the decision. This was business, right? And just like everyone else in the world, I have to support my family. But as much as I wanted to tell the caller to go ahead and just stay home, I knew I had to pray, examine the issue, and make sure that my decision was in line with God's purposes.

So I have been praying. I have also gone to my current pastor, and my old pastor, and a youth pastor, and an elder, and another youth pastor, ...and got as many thoughts on the subject as I could.

Their responses:

My Pastor agreed that it's not a legal issue as far as Scripture goes, but, he said all things that are legal aren't necessarily good and beneficial. He reminded me of the alcohol problem in this area.Then he asked me what my conscience says, because if it hurts my own personal conscience to stock alcohol and serve it, then it is a sin.

"The passage I was thinking about on Sunday is found in Romans 14:23, but you should read the whole context starting in verse 13. It doesn't specifically mention the word 'conscience' but the idea conveyed is very similar. I Corinthians 10:23-33 is a passage in a similar vein of thought that does mention conscience, but not the idea of anything done without faith is sin. The Corinthian passage also mentions the fact that everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial or constructive."

Youth Pastor -
Briefly...Vickie and I talked about this together.

First off, I agree with the Pastor. There isn't necessarily a sin in serving a beer or glass of wine. Vickie has had to deal with this question too and has to do this at Pizza Hut all of the time. I also agree with the Pastor on the issue of your own conscience. Should you feel this is wrong but want to do a service for the community, you do wrong.

The threat of the woman who called isn't the real reason not to serve alcohol but she is the "weaker member" that Paul speaks of in Romans. Could your freedom in the Spirit end up being her stumbling block and ultimate fall into sin? If so, you sin when you cause her to sin. Her weak conscience makes her one that needs your aid in protecting her faith, at least that the way Paul seems to say it. Take a look at Romans 14.

When it comes to one of two older couples that like wine with a pasta special, well, given the limited choices of restaurants in your area, I will guess that you are more likely to keep their business than not. Let them buy wine at the grocery.

Now let me move on to what I think may be the bigger issue for you and your family.

Your lives have been substantially affected by the disease of alcohol. It has been a blight on Native peoples and still affects your younger ones that have struggled with FAS.

What your proposing is to order, store and distribute alcohol. Your children will be around the place day and night and sometimes when you aren't there. The lure of the spirits in those bottle is too strong and too powerful to leave around for those you care for....

An Elder:
"Thanks for your message and the candid way you portrayed your present situation. I truly sympathise with your dilemma and sense your struggle. I prayed that God would give you the insight you need and desire. But to make this short let me tell you that I basically agree with your Pastor friends and especially where this matter concerns the well being of your kids. This, I believe should be the deciding factor for your action your. May the Lord give you the wisdom you need do do the thing that is right"

My older Pastor and dear Mentor:
Greetings in the powerful and unchanging Name of Jesus! I had just mentioned yesterday that we had not heard from you for awhile - and there was your email. In praying and thinking about the restaurant concerns you mention, we sense that the advice given by Andy and his wife are the basics of what you need to consider in making a Godly assessment of the whole matter before you. Conscience, children, community, church - do that which fits with Scripture and being a true testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ. He will look after your business and the outreach in the area. Walk and talk humbly before the Lord and with the people, ...love the people, love your family, serve good meals (we wish we were closer so that we could have some), and rest in God's Promise to be your 'Jehovah Jireh'.

Remember: "God's Grace keeps Pace with the Problems we Face!" Give all your confusion and messed-up feelings to Him - He's able to carry you through every one of them, and give you wholeness in spirit, soul and body! Pray with your family in a positive way, thanking God for His Miracle working power in your lives EVERY DAY!! We are continuing to stand with you in love and prayer!

We're busy here in Mexico, and enjoying it. They have problems too, because we are people, "a work in progress"! ...God's Promise is that "underneath are His Everlasting Arms". He's strong enough to lift us, carry us, bless us, .... Hallelujah!!

and finally, the second youth pastor:
I'm not sure why I feel I need to get involved in this but I it aggravates me when Christians stick their noses where they don’t belong. Tell those who are against serving a glass of wine with a meal to go fight with Jesus about giving the already drunken people at a wedding more wine, which coincidentally he MADE out of water miraculously. Alcohol is not the enemy. The ENEMY is the enemy! I can not think of a restaurant that serves alcohol with meals, that is not a bar, where people go for the express purpose of getting drunk. They will go to a bar to do that. Besides that fact, you as owner of the store have the right to deny a customer service of alcohol. So where is the problem? Scripture speaks about drunkenness not drinking, and if your weaker brother or sister is so pious as to not eat somewhere because they have alcohol in the building, I hope she is ok with heaven being filled with wine, because I am pretty sure Jesus will be serving it at the feast. For pete’s sake, it was a part of the last supper!!! Grr. I hate it when Christians get so hot button oriented that they become completely useless for the gospel. If God wants you to run a restaurant, and provides for that, then you will have people coming to you, and that is your chance to reach them. So what if they have a glass of wine in their hand when you do it. Bah. I get so mad at hypocrites. Tell those Christians you aren’t allowed to talk to sinners, and walk away. You are called to the lost, not the spoiled brats who won’t get off their pew and fulfill their callings. Finally in closing, if I hadn’t said it enough…Grr.

Wow. Now here's the thing. I love my pastors and fully understand every point they are making. But my heart really and truly felt the same way as the second youth pastor in the very last letter. (he wasn't angry at the other pastor's. He hadn't seen their letters.) He clearly voiced the reaction I and my family are having.

But...does that mean I am right? This is why I am so torn up inside. I feel one way, but I respect my pastors and elders very much, and it could be that they, who all agree, are right and I am very wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

Again, the last thing I want to do, in this economy, is make a mistake that will cost our family everything we have. Not serving alcohol could be a huge financial and business mistake. But serving alcohol, if it's not God's wish, could be a bigger mistake. The business could still fail, and worse, as Pastor pointed out, selling alcohol could send the wrong message to my kids, some of whom already struggle with alcohol. And not just my kids - are the pastors correct that it would a wrong witness to the community?

I'm struggling, double-minded on the issue. I hadn't been a week ago, prior to the phone call. Lord, in the name of Jesus, please show me clearly the steps that I am to take.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Time for REAL Change -

Nothing much is going to change with the new administration - other than a backlash against conservatives and Christians.

The economy will still be bad, if not worse.
The soldiers in Iraq, the president-elect admits, will have to stay there awhile longer.

Conservatives will still fight abortion, alternative marriage, increased taxes, universal "Canadian style" health, increased entitlement programs, and attacks on the first and second amendments.

Conservatives will be the voices that will refuse to "unite" and make "One America" and accept all the policies that the new president wants to enact.

Conservatives, therefore, will be the "bad" people, and will become increasingly vilified in an Obama America. Wasn't the treatment Governor Palin recieved evidence of that?

Some conservatives, who were conservatives in name only because it was convenient for the circle they were in, or because that was the way they were raised and hadn't given it a lot of thought on their own, won't be able to take the heat and will get out of the kitchen.

Those of us that feel conviction about our beliefs and really mean what we say, will stand ground. We won't be able to "unify" with others that wish to see wrong policies put into place.

The real change that will happen must happen within Christians. They must become strong in their hearts and convictions. They need to wake up and take their stand. (Eph. 6:10-18)

- "Finally, my brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.
- Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
- For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.
- Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
- Stand therefore, having gird your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
- above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.
- And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; - praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints--"

Let us Pray:
My Lord Jesus and Heavenly Father - please give us the wisdom and strength to follow Your Ways and Your Word no matter what. Please help us to pursue Your purpose for our lives and bravely step forward and stand wherever you would have us. Please show us which hills we are to climb and which ones aren't important. Help us to step forward, brave and strong, but at the same time, always with Your Love. Help us to know what to speak and when to speak and when anger is righteous and necessary - and when it is not. Please protect Your children and come against everything that is evil and not of You. Above all, change our hearts. Make us more like You. - In the Holy Name of Jesus, Thy Will be done. Amen.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thank You So Much, Governor Palin

Sarah, you are awesome. I didn't know anything about you prior to the Republican Convention, but I fell in love with you right off the bat.

A Conservative, Christian, home school mom. A praying, believing Mom. Just like the women I know and love in my church community - you reminded me of Kathy, Ann, and dozens of others.

I trusted you right away.

I listened to your pastor do interviews. I saw the prayer for you on the internet. (Interesting that the media now reports that Obama was prayed for in Kenya, in a "traditional Pentecostal" way, but apparently, it was okay for him)

I liked your pastors. I also liked that you were on the same page with us as far as the issues were concerned.

I could also relate to - and was hurt by - attacks on your oldest daughter. My daughter had her baby almost two years ago. I want to tell you, it was hard to learn she was pregnant, but that little guy, he's the joy of our household. He makes us all so happy, especially with everything being so stressful lately. He brightens my day by just walking in to the room.

You've done a great job with your kids. You've been a great Mayor and Governor. You did an awesome job standing up to all the pummeling these last two months. We look forward to working with you more.

We met your husband in Moorhead. He's so easy going; we loved him. My daughter told him she felt for your daughter, and showed him her baby. On the drive home, one of my adult daughters said that while listening to Obama speak earlier this year, she found it hard to pay attention. She said Obama had good inflection, but his content was too smooth. As she put it, too “politician.” But she really enjoyed listening to Todd. He wasn’t a polished speaker, but she said that’s what she liked. He was real, and you knew that what he was saying was coming from his heart.

I also told him that I'd like to talk to you about the Indian Child Welfare Act and how it is hurting families. Hope you got the message.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God Bless the Palins and McCains

Some are already blaming Sarah Palin, Fox News, President Bush, and even Joe the Plumber for Senator McCain's loss. They are saying Conservatives are dead and America has moved left.


Despite Bush’s unpopularity, fatigue with Iraq, Obama's charisma, McCain's age, the fact that this was a Democratic year, the $600 million that Obama received, the blanketing of Obama ads, the media bias for Obama, and the economy, John McCain got 46% of the popular vote.
Stop and think - that means despite all those things against him, almost half of America still preferred McCain over Obama.

If McCain had run a good campaign and brought home the fact that he had been fighting for years to stop Fannie and Freddie from doing what they were doing, and just a couple of those above factors didn't exist - what would have been the result?

I think that all things considered, Senator McCain did very well. This election in no way means that Conservative views were rejected.

Sarah Palin still represents the conservative half of America - which still has a right to exist and is not going away.

God Bless the Palins and McCains. I pray the Lord now leads them in the direction they are to go in order to serve His - The Lord's - Holy purposes. And I pray the Lord leads us as well. Lord, please give us all the wisdom and courage to do whatever you ask of us. I ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus.