.........................."We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God." - John Stott

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Would an Obama Presidency bring Civil Unrest?

I'm not trying to be incendiary, this is just a question that has been on my mind...

Let me say first - when I refer to civil unrest, I am NOT trying to incite violence. I have never been involved in violence and don't have intention to be.

That said, I can’t listen to what Senator Obama preaches about without wondering how intends to carry it off.

What exactly does he mean by “Change?” What is he leading half the country to “Hope” for? He hasn’t been specific, other than to say that he would like to spread the wealth around.

He talks about how we “divide one another”, and how we can’t afford to do that. He talks about how we are “all together,” and we have to “believe in each other.” What does he mean by "believing in one another? And what does he mean by saying, “We will change the country and we’ll change the world”?

How is he going to bring about change, (whatever change he is referring to) if half of the country doesn’t believe in him or the direction he intends to go?

But People must understand America. Half of us do not believe Obama. We don’t believe what he says, what he stands for, and who he is.

So unless he can sweet talk the conservative half of America into accepting his vision for our country - which would include universal health, increased funding of entitlement programs, cuts in defense at a time when the world is most dangerous, increased availability of abortion, same-sex marriage, and maybe even relaxed drug laws - how will we ever become One America? It doesn’t seem likely that even he, "The One," can sweet talk half of America into accepting these types of changes.

So how will he bring about this "United" America that he keeps telling crowds we will be? Unless he plans on creating forced “re-education camps,” everything he claims he can change in America will meet strong opposition from the right. His only option will be to simply force it on us - and I don't see how that will give us a united America.

With the Senate and House at his command, it is very possible that many of his bills will be passed. Yet, with half the country not behind the extreme changes he intends to make, some say the likelihood of civil unrest exists.

I guess the point is - despite what he is telling people at his rallies, no matter what he claims, he can’t control half of us. He can’t make us into who he wants us to be.

I don't understand what they are really expecting at these chanting rallies.

Personally, I don't see a united America as a possible reality - outside of God.

Which brings me to another point. I was singing a worship song this morning. It went - 'You are my Hope! Your promise never fails me. And my desire, is to follow you forever. For you are good...for you are good...for you are good to me..."

Well, this song reminded me again of where our only "Hope" comes from. Not from Man.

I can accept a man as our government leader, but as far as who I will follow forever, it will never be a man. My Lord alone is my rock.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is Governor Palin our Queen Esther

Every time Hollywood celebrities say vulgar things about Sarah, they are also saying it to me, a 40-something, Christian, former homeschooling, politically active, rural, not-always-perfect mom.

When they mock her for being down-to-earth, pro-life, evangelical and the mom of a pregnant teenager, they are mocking my family as well. It appears that half of America bitterly hates Christians. That's kind of scary.

Not only is Sarah an average person from outside of the beltway, someone who truly represents change, but finally, here is a woman that is on the right side of the issues.
  • Abortion is wrong. Even during the most difficult times of my very turbulent life, aborting my children has never been a consideration. Sarah understands this. The woman's movement has never understood women like me.
  • Open up ANWR to drilling. If a few acres of American tundra can make a difference, we should be doing that rather than buying oil from overseas.
  • None of us like the war. But I do believe, as Sarah does, that McCain is the only candidate that understands what to do in Iraq.
  • Corrupt government employees - including corrupt Senators, State Commissioners, or even Troopers - need a swift boot out of office.
  • Socialism is wrong. Although we have been low income, my husband vowed in 1992 not to take anymore welfare or entitlements. He made that vow and from that time until his death, he kept it - doing everything he could with his own two hands to feed us. We did not want our neighbors to have to take care of us. We came to understand Capitalism and agree with fiscal conservatives like Sarah.
  • My husband, a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, fed our family through hunting. He taught our children to hunt and cut up the meat on our kitchen table. There have been times when this was our only meat. We believe in hunting and gun rights for all US citizens(excepting convicted criminals).
  • Yes, Creationism is something that many Americans believe in. We aren't nuts; it's part of our religion - (Remember? That thing that the first amendment allows us to have...) So when my kids come home from school, I need to re-teach them and explain that evolution is just a theory - there is no proof for it. Then I explain to them why. (Yes, as a former RN, I have an Associate in Science and can explain.) This is why many of us choose to home school. Something else we have a right to do.
  • And yes, I and other parents like me are glad to have a home school mom in high office. You see, when so many from the left mock us and try to take away our right to teach our children our faith, that's a very scary thing.
  • And Sarah believes in prayer. When I have listened to her pastors on the Internet, I have appreciated them. They are no different than any of the pastors I have grown to love here in the lower forty.

I am so glad that Sarah, a prayerful woman, is in the position she is in. She is like our Esther. God Bless you, Sarah. We are praying for you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Praying for the 2008 Election

Lord Jesus,
Lord we bring this country before you. Thy will be done. We pray for all the very, very angry people on both sides of the debate. Lord, in Jesus' name, help our country to turn to You and trust You. Bring peace and understanding where there is none, but at the same time - Your righteous discipline and response to sin where it is required.

Lord, I pray this country will turn to You on bended knee and know You are God. And I pray for all the Candidates, McCain, Obama, Palin and Biden. In Jesus' name, Thy will be done.

We pray for God's hand and choice in this election. May the right man - the man of Your choice - win this election. No matter how much money is spent, what accusations are made, what other countries think, or what kind of fraud is attempted, we pray for Your Will - and Your will alone - as to who will be president of our United States of America.

May the power of God be felt right now in our country. In Jesus' name.