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Monday, January 28, 2013

POWERFUL Message at the 2013 Inaugural Prayer Breakfast -

Alright, someone told me this morning that the link to this amazing message I posted two days ago has been ‘made private’ and they weren't able to view it anymore. That’s strange. The link worked fine two days ago and the number of views was piling up fast – every time I looked at it, hundreds more had seen it.  

But she was right. When I tried it now, it was labeled “private”. What is the problem with seeing it? The speech was made at an official gathering for the inaugural – isn’t that a public event? So I went looking for a new link.

I found a new link – and this was the message under it…  
"Published on Jan 27, 2013...This video has been erased, made "private", and held back from people seeing it. So, what truth is in it making it such a battle to see it? Speak! The World Is Listening!” 

For those who haven’t seen it yet – it is an amazing message given to a huge roomful of politicians in DC just last week - on Monday, January 21, 2013 … Many of the politicians were probably there just to be 'seen' and probably expected nothing more than standard fluff to be spewed -  

This is a MUST see! -